Site Development

Experience, technology, and relationships are all integral to GFA’s meticulous approach to Site Development. GFA has over 70 years of records on hand, and nearly that much in-house experience, that are utilized toward just about any civil residential or commercial development need, be it a small addition to an existing structure or a new development on vacant land.

GFA has gathered an unmatched team with the collective experience and knowledge to guide our clients from initial feasibility studies, conceptual drawings, final engineering plans, permit assistance, through to project construction and completion. 

GFA has substantial in-house survey and construction testing horsepower as well as state of the art software that aides us in advancing designs rapidly while ushering client projects through all phases of construction. Our site designs provide creativity and minimize unnecessary complexity.

GFA has developed countless positive relationships with municipalities, and their staff, as well as accrued extensive familiarity with associated ordinances throughout the region; a decided advantage we leverage to produce designs that pass review processes, advance projects quickly as possible, and align with client vision.

From small additions to an existing structure to new developments on vacant land, GFA provides all of the services that bring client visions to fruition. 

  • Site planning and zoning consulting
  • Site feasibility and selection studies to determine sites potential
  • Storm water management plans
  • Infrastructure system design (both public and private)
  • Permitting and public engagement
  • Positive client representation
  • Subdivisions, apartments, condo complexes, recreational parks and areas commercial developments, industrial, marinas and more
  • Can help from feasibility to preliminary concept to full engineering to construction management
  • Creative approaches to keep development budgets and time frames in mind
  • Can design vacant land, existing to be demolished, or additions
  • MDOT and road commission ingress/egress
  • Partner with home builders across the region to provide consulting services
  • Construction cost estimates, bidding documents
  • Residential site plans and grading plans
  • Projects: Lochenheath, Incochee Woods Subdivision, 45 North, Rove Winery, Huellmantel, Huellmantel Ridge, Great Wolf Lodge

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