< Design and Operations of Advanced Treatment Wastewater Units (ATUs) in Michigan

The team installing a drip irrigation dispersal field for an onsite advanced treatment system.

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  2. The geography and water table (as well as the miles of waterfront properties) of this region provide continual design challenges for onsite and decentralized wastewater, and GFA has become a leader in the design, permitting, installation and operation of these systems. GFA’s team includes Michigan’s first NSF-accredited wastewater inspector, Erik Arbut, and all of our specialized wastewater designers are also system operators – giving them an inherent understanding of the system throughout its life cycle. The photos at left give you an idea of how seamlessly these systems can blend in with their surroundings.

    GFA formed a new division within the company specifically devoted to specialized wastewater treatment—this group designs everything from advanced treatment systems for individual homes to community/cluster sewer systems, and provides contract operations and maintenance on them as needed. GFA firmly believes this group will play a large role in the future of our company, as centralized sewer costs continue to rise.

    Our wastewater team incorporates off-site monitoring into many of our systems. Our designer-operators then monitor all the systems under contract with us using our mobile phone system - able to access each system from any location at any time for troubleshooting and evaluation. Often this can significantly reduce the cost for emergency service by eliminating an actual site visit. If circumstances dictate that an actual site visit is necessary, our technicians can diagnose the problem before leaving for the site – making sure the right parts and equipment are on the truck. The end result? The system is up and running faster, and service time (and its associated costs) are minimized.

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